Waterscapes Custom Pool Renovations

Custom Flagstone Patios and Flagstone Pool Decking

Waterscapes is a Pool Remodeling Contractor in the Odessa, FL area that specializes in Flagstone Patios and Flagstone Pool Decking.

Pool decks and patios are an essential component of enjoying the outdoors.  To ensure that they last, it is critical to use the right materials.  Natural stone resists the elements extraordinarily well, making it the obvious choice for outdoor applications. 

The unique conditions in Florida mean that pool deck and lanai designs must take into account slip resistance, sun reflectivity and orientation.  Natural stone such as flagstone or slate provides the necessary durability and safety, along with great beauty. 

Flagstone’s unique properties make it ideal for many landscaping purposes.  Flagstone pool decking beautifully complements swimming pools and spas and resists moisture extremely well.  Meanwhile the stone is also the perfect choice for patios and walkways because it can be matched to almost any design or color palette.

Despite its durability, flagstone can be delicate to install.  The artisans at Waterscapes, Inc are experts at handling and installing flagstone.  We also bring an artistic eye to the process, taking care to choose beautiful stones and create just the right look.  Our outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that our clients get stunning flagstone patios, walkways, and decks. 

Natural stone offers multiple benefits for pool decks and lanais:

It complements a home’s exterior

A well-designed layout of the deck area not only fits with the home’s appearance, but actually enhances it.  The organic look of natural materials makes any lanai or pool deck feel like a seamless element in the surroundings.

Natural stone fits virtually any lifestyle

A natural stone pool deck is safe for kids and great for entertaining.  Whether the deck will be used around a pool or as a party spot, slate, flagstone and other natural materials are an excellent solution. 

It stands up to the elements

Many homeowners have heard that natural stone can discolor their pool interiors.  However, an expert can choose the correct type of stone for each application, to ensure that the deck meets each client’s unique needs and lifestyle. 

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