Waterscapes Custom Pool Renovations

Custom Pool Lagoons & Pool Grottos

Waterscapes is a Pool Remodeling Contractor that specializes in Custom Pool Lagoons and Custom Pool Grottos.

Many homeowners shy away from natural materials because they seem more expensive than synthetic ones.  Yet using natural materials makes an extraordinary difference in the durability and appearance of pool decks, waterfalls, and other outdoor features. 

Natural look and feel: Unlike synthetic materials, natural materials look, well, real.  Natural materials fit with surrounding landscaping, for an organic, natural appearance.  The best way to attain a seamless look is to use natural stone. 

Benefits of Using Natural Materials for Pool Grottos

Damage Resistance

Natural stone does not fade in the sun. It also doesn’t show scratches or other damage. Because these materials weather naturally over time, they do not show their age or wear as readily.


Because natural stone weathers so well, it does not have to be replaced or repaired over time. Homeowners who use natural materials actually save money on repairs, maintenance and replacement over time.


The wide variety of natural materials means that the perfect materials can be used for each project. Depending on the environmental conditions and intended use, different materials may be better than others. An expert can choose the correct natural stone for each scenario, which ensures that the finished project will maintain its integrity and appearance for the long term.

Ultimately using real stone is the best approach for a long-lasting natural look.  The investment in natural stone pays off for years to come.