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Craftsmanship Guarantee

Clients of Waterscapes, Inc not only receive exceptional customer service and care, but they also get the finest natural stone available. Waterscapes, Inc offers an outstanding craftsmanship guarantee. Our natural stone will not stain your pool or deck, because we select only the right kinds of stone for this setting. Moreover, our waterfalls, grottos and water features will not leak because of our process, solid construction and materials used. Our products won’t wear away from Florida’s harsh conditions or from chlorinated pool water.

Make the most of your backyard, garden, or patio with a custom design by Waterscapes, Inc. To get started, contact us.


“Eric Haines and his assistant have been employed at my property for the past 3 weeks.  The mission, as part of a team, was to transform my builder grade pool into a “work of art. ” 

No easy task, but Mission Accomplished.


“My Wife and I started with a standard Marcite finished pool package with the typical Florida cool deck surrounding it.  We also had 5 concrete planters, which at a quick glance, appeared to be coffins.  Obviously, not very attractive and certainly the weakest point of our home in East Lake Woodlands.  As we set out to communicate our hopes of the finished product Eric’s advice and recommendations added significant vision to the end result.

Today, our neighbors, family, and of course myself and my wife stand back to admire the professional creative Stone work that Eric has performed.  We now have four beautifully stoned planters, a built-in barbeque with stone chimney, and a new spa and waterfall surrounded with luxurious mountain stone.  The tones, color, your exacting cut to fit placement aggregated to an outstanding finished product.

Yes, the finished product exceeded our expectations thanks to Eric’s advice and guidance throughout the project.  Most importantly, the work was consistently performed with the utmost professionalism, neatness and timeliness.  On top of it all, both Eric and his assistant were a pleasure to work with, friendly, always courteous, and are true professionals at their trade.

Eric our sincere thanks for your craftsmanship, and the long hours you put in through the rain and into the evenings to meet what was at best an aggressive timetable.”

Robert & Cyndi Letzeisen, Oldsmar, FL


“Eric Haines of Waterscapes has just completed the installation of a waterfall and rock surfaces on our swimming pool.  His work is nothing short of excellent in all respects.

Eric has many years of experience in completing such projects.  His expertise shows in his work.  He is dedicated to providing the owner with a finished design that compliments the owner’s property.

Eric worked with Isabelle throughout the project and took the time to listen and understand exactly what she wanted in the finished project.  He visited rock suppliers to find the exact shades of colors that Isabelle wanted and provided her with advice on how waterfalls should be constructed and the goods and bads of different choices of materials.

We found Eric to be courteous, concerned about our property, and completely honest in his estimates of costs and the time required to complete the project.

In sum, Eric is a rare businessman, a hard-working and honest man whose creative skills gave us exactly what we wanted.  He is a professional and we were completely satisfied with the final product.  We are proud of what he has given us and we look forward to enjoying his creation for many years to come.”

J. William Lockhart & Isabelle S. Lockhart, Safety Harbor, FL


“Eric, we want to thank you for the beautiful work you did at our home.  The waterfall and built-in barbecue you designed and constructed certainly helped to transform an average pool area to an exceptional one.  You’re truly an artist.  All who see your work are impressed.”

Phil & Anita Sabato, Palm Harbor, FL


“Eric, Lorena and I wanted to thank you again for the terrific job you did on our waterfall and pool deck.  Your recommendations on materials and design were right on and you did an excellent job of transforming our two-dimensional concept into a centerpiece of our new home.  You are a true craftsman.  Equally as important to me was that you not only delivered the project on time, but you did so in half the time you projected and were not shy about putting in the time necessary to deliver.   I cannot tell you how refreshing that is this stage of building our new home.”

Joseph Ludovici, Tampa, FL


“Eric, we are certainly very excited about our new swimming pool.  But, our true focus has been the beautiful rock waterfall that we envisioned as the dramatic focal point that would span the back edge of our pool.  Thanks to your hard work and your outstanding talent our vision has become a reality.

Thank you so much for your patience and artistry.  You listened carefully to what we wanted and you captured our “mental picture” perfectly!  We truly appreciate your workmanship and your eye for detail.

We consider our Waterfall to be a genuine masterpiece.  We will enjoy its beauty for years to come!”

John & Gail Snelson, Odessa, FL


“Good morning Eric.

Leslie and I wanted to thank you again for giving us the most beautiful pool ever. We shopped around and very glad one our friends recommended you and both of us will always recommend you to anyone we speak to. You were always there when you said and kept a very clean work area. Your work on our waterfall is better than planned. Leslie is in love with the light show every night and she has re-named the sun shelf to the “Drinkee shelf”. Not sure if you can sell that one in the pool business? jk.

You exceeded our expectations and have our permission to put our testimony on your website and any pictures. If you ever need to show our pool to anyone you are doing business with, just ask and text us.
Thank you oh so very much!!!!!”

Leslie and Rob Bembnowski, Palm Harbor FL